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What Makes a Great Business Report Presentation?

business consultant report presentation on ipad
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A large number of consultant report presentations fail to make an impact but it is fair to say, as Daniel Tay does in his very comprehensive guide, 25 Powerful Report Presentations And How To Make Your Own:

The elements that make a consultant’s report presentation great are almost the same that make any presentation great.

At the end of the day, keep your audience at the centre, be creative and thoughtful of their needs; use design and visuals to your advantage and integrate them early on, not as an afterthought. And remember: Sometimes, less is more.

He has compiled 25 great examples from some of the world’s leading business consultancies to illustrate how to make an impact. What is particularly useful, is the way he has broken them down to demonstrate the key tips:

Make your Data Digestible

The less is more principle – use data to back your insights, rather than make the data the focus of the slide.

Clean Up Your Slides

Clean and simple slides remove distraction and place emphasis on your message.

Choose the Right Fonts

A good rule of thumb in your report presentation is to use clear, minimally-styled fonts so your message doesn’t get lost in a web of visual distraction.

Make Use of Visuals

Good, relevant visuals amplify your message because they elicit emotional responses, helping your audience retain key points.

Stay organized

A clear flow to the presentation – perhaps even with a tracking tool on each slide to follow progress – will help the audience’s retention rate.

Speak TO Your Audience – Not AT Your Audience

Using an active voice connects better with the audience. And the use of poll questions keeps your audience engaged. For some suggestions on useful tools to use, go to 5 More Ways to Get Instant Feedback from your Audience

Break it Down

Breaking down your solution step-by-step is the best way to increase the effectiveness of your presentation.

Give Actionable Insight

Personalise it to give tailored advice to the stakeholders. What makes a great consultant is his or her ability to go beyond surface data to give clients real, actionable insight.

Keep it Short and Sweet

Bitesize can still be meaty. Remember, quality over quantity.

Don’t Forget to Take Credit

Your photo will help them remember who you are.


You can check out all the great examples at 25 Powerful Report Presentations And How To Make Your Own.


Rosie Hoyland

Rosie Hoyland

Commissioning Editor at Presentation Guru
Rosie was the Commissioning Editor at Presentation Guru. She is a writer and content creator and has worked for many years as a print and digital designer.
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