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Presentation Skills Questionnaire

Presentation Guru has developed a presentation skills questionnaire to help people assess their current skills, knowledge and habits, and to give them specific, tailored advice on how to build their confidence and competence in this life-changing ability. 

The questionnaire has been developed and tested to UK British Psychological Society standard, with the help of a UK based occupational psychologist, Jane ArthurMcGuire, who specialises in psychometric test design. 

The presentation skills questionnaire is based upon a unique presentation skills competency framework developed specifically for the purpose by John Zimmer and Jim Harvey. The competency framework has been developed and tested by a world-renowned set of presentation experts from all over the world.

The Competency Framework is built around three headings:

  1. Fit: The ability to create a message that is relevant to your audience for the presentation.
  2. Focus: The ability to make your presentation short, logical and persuasive.
  3. Finesse: The ability to make your presentation interesting and memorable.

Each competency is then broken down into smaller elements of skills, knowledge or experience, described by positive or negative examples of such competence. Here is an example of one competency:

Major AreaCompetencyDescriptors
FITBuilds empathy for their audience+ve Contacts the audience prior to the event to understand their wants and needs
-ve Uses the same presentation for multiple audiences with few, if any, changes

On Completing the Questionnaire:

The questionnaire is designed to test your competence against all of the elements in the framework.  Once you have completed the questionnaire you will receive:

  • A short (FREE) written report detailing your strengths, weaknesses and development needs as a public speaker.
  • A short (FREE) report explaining your strengths and development needs and recommended  development activities for you with links to articles and further learning resources relevant to your individual style. 
  • You will also get the offer of a more detailed feedback report and 1-1 coaching available from Presentation Guru’s Team.
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