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The Facts on How People Create Presentations

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Presentation design experts, Presentation Panda, recently carried out a survey amongst their subscribers on how people create their presentations and the challenges they face. The results make for interesting, if perhaps not entirely surprising, reading. It seems that:

  • People understand the simple fact that those who create and deliver outstanding presentations excel in business.
  • Creating and delivering a presentation that stands out from the crowd does take work and creativity – but the results are clearly worth it.
  • 91% agree that they would feel more confident if they knew their presentation was beautifully designed.
  • PowerPoint is still very much king, but most people use PowerPoint because it’s familiar, easy and many don’t have a choice.

…and the one we would like to explore further:

  • The hardest parts of creating a presentation include crafting a compelling story, designing a creative layout, finding and using great visuals, and condensing information.

Do you agree? What is your biggest challenge? Let us know and we’ll ask our community of gurus to help.

You can read the results in full here: New Survey Results on Presentations… #2 Will Shock You!

Rosie Hoyland

Commissioning Editor at Presentation Guru
Rosie was the Commissioning Editor at Presentation Guru. She is a writer and content creator and has worked for many years as a print and digital designer.

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