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Simple Visual Aids That Work – 6 Rules for Non Designers

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Thanks to all of you that attended the third podcast in a series of 4,  ‘How to create and use simple visuals aids that work’. It’s the third in a series of four podcasts by John Zimmer and Jim Harvey, founders of Presentation Guru.

In podcast 1, we shared the secrets of storytelling, to help you connect with your audiences at the level of their emotions.

Then in Podcast 2, we focused on making your words sing like Obama and showed you how you could add power to your words, with our recommendations of the 9 most useful rhetorical tools that every business presenter needs in their ‘toolbox’.

In this week’s session, we help you stand out from the crowd by showing you how you can use the wisdom of world-class communicators (from Apple to the BBC) to use visual aids that help you connect with an audience.

We recorded the event and uploaded the video to our YouTube Channel. In it, we share the highlights from the broadcast and lots of links to further reading and information to help you add real impact every time you stand up to speak. Here it is:

Podcast 3: How to create and use simple visuals aids that work


Podcast 2: Make your presentation memorable – make your words sing like Obama




Podcast 1: Storytelling 101




The final instalment will share the little-known tools that the most charismatic speakers to grab your attention, shackle your heart, and engage your mind.

We know places are limited and not every one of you who wants to attend the live event can, but don’t worry because we will be posting the recording of each event on our YouTube channel for you to watch when it suits you. Please do let us know what you think by adding your thoughts and ideas in the Comments section below each video.

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Jim Harvey

Managing Director at The Message Business
Jim is a serial entrepreneur and the MD of The Message Business, a company which helps international and FTSE 100 companies sell themselves, and their products more effectively. Jim has many years of experience speechwriting, presentation coaching and motivational speaking, all over the world.

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