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If you’re always saying that you want to work on your presentation skills but can’t find the time, then here’s a bit of a bonus for you. Why not sign up for a FREE 30-DAY TRIAL on Audible? And listen to the books as you’re travelling, working out or relaxing. We’ve selected 3 of the best audiobooks money can’t buy – it’s free remember*- that we love and provide you with the links to sign up for your free trial here. We’ve put them in our order of preference too.

1- Phil Collins is a great friend of Presentation Guru, and was Tony Blair’s speech writer for decades. He’s also a regular columnist at ‘The Times’ of London. This is a well-structured and detailed guide to get you from a blank piece of paper to a fully worked speech. Click on the image below or sign up here to start listening now.

2. Nancy Duarte has written the best book on business presentations ever written. This isn’t it. You can find Slideology here. This though is a Harvard Business Review publication that gives a no-nonsense and business focused approach for the most rigorous amongst us. Click on the image below or sign up here to start listening now.

3. Carmine Gallo has made a delicious jus out of the cleverness of Jobs’ writers, the design skills of his visual designers, and the ballsy, snake-oil salesman schtick that made Jobs selling Apple an irresistible force until the iPhone outmatched the hyperbole. It’s a really good, practical book that you can turn into real world results immediately. Click on the image below or sign up here to start listening now.

*We like to keep things real here at The Guru, so it’s important that you know we get a small bounty if you sign up for the free trial. Hope that’s ok with you. It helps us pay the bills.

Jim Harvey

Managing Director at The Message Business
Jim is a serial entrepreneur and the MD of The Message Business, a company which helps international and FTSE 100 companies sell themselves, and their products more effectively. Jim has many years of experience speechwriting, presentation coaching and motivational speaking, all over the world.

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