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The Bad News Presentation


Anyone who has a story to tell follows the same 3 Act structure to tell it. This simple structure is the writer’s framework for telling a clear, concise and gripping tale.

Although the 3 Act structure forms the basis of most well told stories, the way you use it will depend on the type of story you’re telling. We – along with our colleagues at Presentation Studio – have taken this simple structure and applied it to the most common presentations made in business:

The Bad News Presentation

It doesn’t have to be all bad news! Dealing with the issues and how to move forward.


Common Business Presentations – The Bad News Presentation


Click on the images above to see a selection of slides available with this template.


  • 18 different slide layouts
  • 126 ready to use but easy to edit vector icons
  • A handy help guide with advice on Formatting best practice and guidelines on using and formatting images


When you download the files, open the template file (.potx) then Save it on your computer. (If you choose the file type first – .potx – it will find the location on your computer where your customer templates are saved. Name it and save it to there.) Now when you create a new presentation in PowerPoint, click New->Personal and select the template you want to use.

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