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How to be a Presentation God: Build, Design, and Deliver Presentations that Dominate Price: $3.21 (as of 04/08/2021 14:02 PST- Details) & FREE Shipping.


How to build, design, and deliver a fire-breathing, wing-flapping, roar-bellowing behemoth of a presentation

Unlike most presentation books that say the same things regarding presentation design and delivery (less is more, get rid of bullets and use images, emulate Steve Jobs, and so on), How to Be a Presentation God actually divulges step-by-step secrets for how to build, design, and deliver blockbuster presentations.

By providing entertaining and clever presentation insights, veteran presenter Scott Schwertly gives you the in’s and out’s for presenting yourself, your business, and your cause with an easy-to-implement approach.

  • Focuses on content, design, and delivery
  • Author is a regular speaker at national and regional industry conferences such as PowerPoint Live and Presentation Camps, and is the founder of the award-winning Ethos3 Communications
  • Author is the creator of an app, Present, that landed in the top-20 iPhone apps in the Business category on iTunes

How to be a Presentation God will ensure that your presentations reach a new level of effectiveness.

From the Author: A How-To Guide for Slidecasting

Author Scott Schwertly

I’m talking about taking your presentation online. If the commonplace web acts of slidesharing and podcasting got married and had a baby, that baby is Slidecasting. And it changes everything. By pairing your voice with your slides, you can put your little hand in the crook of opportunity’s arm and follow it wherever it goes. Whereas a gathering of two to three potential clients doesn’t always justify a trip to Japan, you now have the capacity to treat them to the full measure of your presentation experience via the Web. You’ve worked hard on your deck; brainstorming, outlining, designing (or paying someone to design), and so on. Shouldn’t you put that deck to work wherever and whenever possible? I feel confident the logic speaks for itself. For many, the only questions are: How hard will this be? And how do I do it?

  1. Turn on your computer.
  2. Visit a slidecasting web site, like SlideShare.
  3. Upload your presentation to the site.
  4. Record your voice delivering the presentation.
  5. Upload the MP3 recording to the Web.
  6. Link your slidecast to the MP3 recording (the site will have simple instructions for doing this).
  7. Edit your deck so that the slides change in time with your voice.
  8. Sip on a drink while cancelling those mid-winter plane tickets to Warsaw.

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